A lot of schools have been asking for this feature, so here it is! Creating assignments and grading have become a lot easier.

Assignments & Assignment Groups

Assignments are now always part of an assignment group. What is an assignment group? It’s a group of similar assignments that are equal to a portion of the total grade. For example, you could make a ‘Quizzes’ group that is equal to 40% of a student’s final grade. 

Assignment groups simplify grading. You can either assign a specific percentage of the final grade to each assignment, or you can allow each assignment to count an equal percentage of the group’s total mark. For example, if you create a group worth 40% and add 10 assignments, each assignment will be worth 4%.

Assignment groups will also be able to automatically import their grades into report cards (coming soon), saving you even more time.


The new gradebook has been upgraded to look better and help you mark faster. Now you can see all assignments and students at once, allowing you to enter marks quickly.