New Design

The admin panel has been redesigned to keep the most import actions within reach. For example, the sidebar now displays all items, and expands when needed, instead of being replaced like before.

The sidebar now expands, instead of being replaced by another sidebar.

The ‘location’ links (highlighted below) will follow you as you scroll, so you can know exactly where you are anytime. The main action of each page (‘Save Course’ below) will follow you too, so it is always easy to click.

You can see exactly where you are using the location links.

The ‘View School’ button is always in the top right, so you can view your school anytime.

View School button is now always available.

We’ve also tried to make the admin panel as pleasing to the eyes as possible, and will be adding more changes soon, inshallah.


The mobile view has also been redesigned, and we’ve tried to keep everything as mobile friendly as possible.

Mobile view

Instead of taking up the whole screen, the mobile menu now appears at the top when you click the menu icon.

Menu now slides down instead of taking the whole screen.

What’s New Popup

We’ve also added a ‘What’s New’ popup. This popup will appear automatically when new changes are added.

You can also click the ‘What’s New’ button in the top right of the dashboard to view the ‘What’s New’ popup.

The ‘What’s New’ popup