The new payments editor will help you keep track of which and when students have paid, so you never miss a payment.

Payment Types

Payment types are a new way to classify payments. This will help you breakdown your total fees, and be able to quickly see who has and hasn’t paid. 

Payment type total per student

You can easily look at payment totals for each type, as seen above (in 2). All payment types can be viewed by clicking ‘Edit Visible Fields’ and choosing the types you want to see. 

However, to start using this new feature, you need to add payment types. We can add these by clicking actions -> Add New Payment -> click the ‘Add New’ button beside payment types. Payment types are per course, so any payment types added in a course will not appear in other courses.

Payment types when adding a new payment

Managing Payments

The new payment manager makes managing payments easy. Choose ‘Manage Payments’ from the actions dropdown beside each student. You’ll be able to add, edit and delete payments, or view their details. System payments (Online payments through Stripe) cannot be edited or deleted.

Payments Manager

Adding Payments

There is a lot of new options for creating payments. Payments can now have dates (you’ll be able to filter payments by dates in the future), and there is many preset payment methods now available. You can now also choose the payment currency, and add details to any payment.

New payment methods