The form creator has been upgraded to help you collect the exact information you need.

The new form creator can be seen by going to the School section, then scrolling down to the ‘Parent Information’ or ‘Student Information’ sections.

The new form editor

By clicking the ‘Edit/Hide’ button in the top right of each field, you can toggle the settings of each field.

Each field has these settings:

  1. Name: The field name. Shows up beside the field.
  2. Type: The field type. Changing this changes the field type (input box, date picker, radio buttons, etc). Some new types were added, such as:
    • Text Block: Useful for putting text that needs to be read in the middle of the form.
    • Paragraph: Allows users to enter a paragraph of text, including pictures, videos, etc.
    • Radio Buttons: Allows users to choose one of many options.
  3. Choose whether this field is required (users must fill this out) or internal (only shown in the admin area).
  4. Conditions. Choose when this field should show. We’ll cover this below.
Field settings.

Some fields have custom settings, such as the text input. You can limit what users can enter in the field. For example, you can use ‘(###) ###-####’ to only allow users to enter a nine digit phone number in that exact format.

Text input settings

Finally, you can use conditions to choose when to show specific fields. For example, below we have two fields, ‘Any food allergy?‘ and ‘If yes, please specify‘. We want the second field to show only if the first field is ‘Yes’. So we add a condition:

‘Show when the  Any Food Allergy?  field equals  Yes

This makes the ‘If yes, please specify‘ field only show when the ‘Any food allergy?‘ field is equal to ‘Yes‘.