The new coupon system can be used for two main cases:

  1. Automatically giving users a discount if they fulfill a certain criteria.
  2. Bookkeeping. If you are processing payments manually, adding a coupon to a user will help you remember what discount they have.

To access the coupons screen, enter a course and choose the ‘Discounts’ link. You’ll be able to see all the coupons on this course.

The coupons screen.

If you click the ‘Create Coupon’ button in the top right, you can create a coupon. You’ll be given a couple of options:

  • Name: The name of the coupon. Make sure you name it something descriptive.
  • Discount: How much this coupon will save the user. You can choose a percent discount, or a monetary amount (ie. $10 off).
  • Condition: When this coupon is applied automatically. 
Creating a coupon.

You can enable/disable any coupon, or delete them. Disabling a coupon will make it not automatically activate when a user registers, you will have to add it manually.

Enable, disable and delete coupons.

Once users are at checkout, they will see the best discount they are elegible for (enabled coupons only), and the reason (if the coupon has a condition).

Discount on checkout

In the payments screen, you will be able to see which coupon a user is using, and change it (click actions -> change coupon).

Coupons in the payments screen.